Hope you like my photos!!
    I have been doing this for many, many years and really enjoy this. I remember as a child running around with my camera in my hands taking photos of everything I could. My first paying gig was doing night club photography, taking photos and the development of them. I enjoyed this so much I decided to further my knowledge by taking college classes. As I progressed so did my cameras. I have been a Canon enthusiast since the 70's can't imagine ever using any other brand.
    I switched to digital about 12 years. I have 1 film and 3 digital cameras and of course all Canon.
    I enjoy almost every type of photography you can think of. During my night club days I photographed many of the top entertainers.
    If you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see in photos let me know and I will see about providing this.
    I am available for events, families, etc. Some of my most recent events were the 2013 Wine, Women, & Jazz held at the Crown Plaza in Scottdale, AZ and the 2014 BraVino.

    I also take requests for assignments.